In short about us

Not just another tutorial company ...

Founded in 2016, our general ethos is that learning should be a creative and inspirational process. And to fulfil this ambition, our Academy offers a unique combination of tutoring and enrichment programmes, our own articles, competitions, and projects that are designed to consolidate learning and inspire lifelong learners: from pre-University students to graduates to early and mid-career professionals, through to third ‘age’ learners in active retirement. 

A fundamental goal of our Academy is to support each of our “students” in navigating their own learning journey and expose them to new spaces of lifewide learning opportunities - that is to learning and personal development that involves real contexts and authentic settings.

Latest Articles

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Project Events

Poetry For Our Times
Messages to the Future
Symbol for the 21st Century

Our Enrichment Programmes

Our residential enrichment workshops cover exciting but challenging topics in mathematics, business, economics, philosophy and science. We also offer interdisciplinary workshops to address specific 21st Century challenges.

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