Our Educational Philosophy

The fundamental driver for Europe Tutorial Academy educational practice, is the impetus to create a learning experience for our students that successfully identifies and addresses each individual student’s needs, that is student-centred and empowers each student to critique and adapt their own learning strategies. To fulfil this ambition, our tutoring and coaching philosophy is built on the three pillars of:

  • Our Holistic Principle
  • Learner-Centred Approach
  • Three Dimensions Of Learning
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At the core of the Europe Tutorial Academy educational practice, is that all tutoring and coaching is fundamentally driven by the Holistic Principle that students perform at their best when their individual needs are diagnosed and understood.

We use a tried and tested learner-centred approach in empowering students to adopt efficient and effective learning techniques. Step by step we take students on a learning journey by facilitating self-discovery.

In line with 21st Century educational best practice, the Europe Tutorial Academy pedagogy is to simultaneously address the Three Dimensions Of Student Learning through the cognitive, emotional and metacognitive dimensions.

The E.T.A. Way

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In the video below, the Europe Tutorial Academy managing director, Ian Tame, outlines the underpinning educational philosophy behind the Europe Tutorial Academy – the E.T.A. Way !