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up to 5
36 hours
499 euro
plus VAT @19%
Next Delivery Dates
4th - 12th September 2021

Course Description

This suite of E.T.A. Tutorial Programmes is aimed at those A-level students who didn’t quite achieve their target grade in the Summer Session in their Mathematics examinations. This is particularly disappointing; especially if a student has just missed out on winning a place at their chosen university or higher education college for a degree course starting in the Autumn.

Hard as it undoubtedly is, it is important that students are able to respond to Summer examination disappointment with positive action, and to use the months of August and September to fully engage with and commit to, a focused and structured programme of revision.  

The focus of these courses is to consolidate learning to date, check on the effectiveness of your learning strategies, and of course to assist each student with their subject and exam board specific examination preparation and techniques. Each Revision Course will use a bank of past and specimen papers, together with our own question and tasks databank and calculator technique exercises (as appropriate).

Each E.T.A. Exam Revision Series Online Short Course is especially designed for groups of up to five students and is hosted by an experienced tutor who leads the session on our dedicated online interactive whiteboard.

E.T.A. is offering the following online resit examination preparation courses to help students prepare for A-level Mathematics and Further Mathematics resit examinations in the October 2021 Session:

  • A-level Mathematics: Pure Maths
  • A-level Mathematics: Mechanics
  • A-level Further Mathematics: Pure Maths

In the following PODCAST, Europe Tutorial Academy Senior Mathematics Tutor, Dr Roberts, outlines his approach to assisting students with learning mathematics.

Our Learning-Centred Approach

Our Exam Revision Series Online Short Courses are built on the principle that a student resitting an examination is more likely to be successful if structured revision is run alongside a self-correcting ´refresher´approach. To facilitate this, our courses adopt a THREE STAGE learner-centred facilitation process to help empower students adopt their own refresher-correction-approach alongside their subject-content revision to:

  • facilitate self-discovery;
  • exploit “mistakes” as learning opportunities; and
  • identify and replace confidence crushing negative reinforcement mindsets with new positive reinforcement habits to anchor new learning.

Our Online Learning Platform

The course is delivered through an interactive whiteboard (that is embedded in the course webpage). This is a very powerful platform with the following features: file sharing, session recording, breakout rooms, polling, screen sharing, pan-and-zoom, limitless pages, maths tools and symbols editor, live chat, etc.

A User Guide and on how to use the main functions of the learning whiteboard is available to students on the course delivery webpage.

During the course, you will have your own, secure portfolio-database dashboard record with a link to the course delivery webpage, and a document exchange area to upload assignments and download tutor set tasks, feedback, progress reports, etc. There is no software to install. Students and parents can:  

  • view, manage, submit and download assignments through their individual student member dashboard
  • upload homework, view past assignments and tutor feedback from their dashboard
  • access the dashboard from within the Europe Tutorial Academy website
  • keep track of progress and upcoming deadlines.

What will be included in this A-LEVEL MATHS: MECHANICS Revision Course ?


       1.1 Pre-Course Diagnostic Assessment

      1.2 Diagnostic Assessment Feedback Report


      2.1 Identify topic strengths and weaknesses

       2.2 Techniques to understand key concepts

       2.3 Application of theory and concepts to problems

       2.4 Constructing solutions

       2.5 Computational techniques and calculator skills


      3.1 Examination preparation and technique

      3.2 Adoption of critical-reflection and self-correction techniques


This online revision course runs for nine-days between two successive weekends. It consists of eight 3-hour tutor-led sessions, a block of 6 hours of guided, tutor assessed, student tasks and 6 hours of tutor assessed, set homework tasks.

A-level Mathematics: Mechanics Revision Delivery Schedule

Individualized Feedback

Students will receive individual feedback on attempted past paper questions and exam style questions and feedback on the set homework assignments.

Next Steps

To apply for an online course with us, just click the BOOK THIS BUTTON on the left of this page.

If you need further advice, please do not hesitate to contact us. 

We wish you every success. Enjoy your course!


Ian Tame
Senior Tutor
Bill Roberts
Senior Tutor

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