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Our Online Tutoring programmes are very flexible. Each tutoring programme is based on a package of five hours of Tutor lessons delivered on the online whiteboard, and can last up to a maximum of TWO months. All our E.T.A. Online Tutoring courses are especially designed for individual student learning,and are delivered from their own tutorial course page on the E.T.A. website. Each Online Tutoring course has a dedicated tutor who co-ordinates and guides the student throughout the duration of the programme.

Theory of Knowledge (TOK) is a compulsory subject for all students in the International Baccalaureate Diploma programme.   

More than any other subject, TOK will prepare you for the next phase of your education. You will learn how to critically examine complicated issues about knowledge. You will learn to consider different perspectives and discover what influences these. You will develop metacognitive skills in exploring and asking questions about knowledge. You will learn how to develop convincing arguments that acknowledge different perspectives.

Why Learn TOK ?

Now, more than ever, we are being constantly bombarded with information. Communication technology has exploded with the Internet, and much of the information fed to us is uncensored. This makes it more and more important to be discerning about the information we receive. Theory of Knowledge is about exploring knowledge questions. Here are some examples of knowledge questions.

  • What criteria do you use to distinguish between knowledge, opinion and propaganda?
  • Is it possible to eliminate the effect of the observer in the pursuit if knowledge in the human sciences?
  • What methods do historians use to gain knowledge?
  • Does our culture determine what we know?
  • Can Art change the way we interpret the world?
  • Is progress harder to make in mathematics than in other areas of knowledge?

Tips on learning TOK

The following PODCAST contains insights from your Europe Tutorial Academy TOK Tutor, Karen Niedermeyer, into what you will study and learn on this core component IB Diploma course.

TOK Framework, Tools and Concepts

There is a core theme: “Knowledge and the Knower”. This is central in your exploration of knowledge questions. To help guide you in in your TOK journey, knowledge questions are grouped into four elements. These are:

  1. Scope
  2. Perspectives
  3. Methods and Tools
  4. Ethics

Within the framework of these FOUR elements, you will make connections and comparisons across themes and areas of knowledge. And you will examine TWO themes, from a choice of the following:

  1. Knowledge and Politics
  2. Knowledge and Language
  3. Knowledge and Religion
  4. Knowledge and Indigenous Societies
  5. Knowledge and Technology

You will explore knowledge questions in FIVE compulsory areas of knowledge:

  1. The Arts
  2. Human Sciences
  3. Mathematics
  4. History
  5. Natural Sciences


The TOK course has two assessment tasks:

  1. The TOK Exhibition: 35%
  2.  The TOK Essay: 65%

The exhibition is held within school and will be marked by your teacher and moderated by the IB. The essay involves writing a 1600 word response to one of SIX knowledge questions set by the IB. 

Types of E.T.A. Tutorial Courses

There are FOUR  types of Tutorial Courses offered, dependent on the type of qualification across the academic year.


Offered around commencement of your course to give you a “headstart” in your first term or semester. A Headstart Tutorial Course will of course cover the subject basics; but also and more importantly, prime you for the subsequent more in-depth concepts and competencies. To enable you to make that transition, our Headstart Courses place a focus on empowering you with techniques to embed what you have already learnt, understand better your own natural learning style and to be self-critical. Thus fostering the confidence in you to develop new positive learning habits.


Offered around the Spring term (or between Semesters), the “booster” courses are designed to give you a mid-course stimulus. It is often at this point in a course that many students start to feel a bit overwhelmed with their academic workload. Our Booster Courses will offer you an opportunity to experience a new, stimulating and supportive environment. So that you will be able to work intensively on a highly-focused set of activities which will offer you a fresh perspective to re-engage with your subject and re-organize your conceptual frameworks to anchor new learning.


Offered around a month before you commence on your end-of-year or final external examinations. At this critical point in your studies, our “revision” courses are designed to consolidate your learning to date, check on the effectiveness of your learning strategies, and of course to assist you with subject specific examination preparation and techniques. Each Revision Course will use a bank of past and specimen papers, together  with our own question and tasks databank and calculator technique exercises (as appropriate).


Offered throughout the year for gap year or retake students, the“refresher” courses are designed to enable retake or gap year students to efficiently re-engage with their subject. Each student registered on a Refresher Course will undergo a diagnostic assessment to determine their strengths and weaknesses: be it gaps in subject knowledge, uncertainty in applying techniques or developing arguments or proofs, or an under-developed examination technique.

Next Steps

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