Group Size
6 - 8
10 hours
299 euro
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Two Delivery DATES
5th Oct - 2nd Nov 2021 and then 8th Mar - 5th Apr 2022
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Course Description

What do we know? What can we know? How do we know what/that we know? In this short course on epistemology, we will learn about two of the major approaches to address such questions: rationalism and empiricism.

Epistemology is the branch of philosophy that focuses on the fundamental questions concerning the nature, scope, sources, and justification of knowledge. Different epistemological approaches attempt to explain, in differing ways, what knowledge is, whether it is attainable, and if it is attainable, why and how we should pursue it.

This introductory course focuses on the most influential rationalist and empiricist approaches and compares their strengths and weaknesses. By reading key texts from the history of philosophy and making occasional connections to contemporary debates in epistemology, students will evaluate the strengths and drawbacks of different approaches to the theory of knowledge and develop their skills to judge the soundness and limits of philosophical arguments.

Who is this course for?

Of interest to all Pre-university A-level student, IB Diploma Students and American / Canadian SAT students, but especially:

  • IB Diploma Philosophy
  • AS and A-level Philosophy
  • International A-level Philosophy
  • Cambridge Pre-U Philosophy & Theology
  • French bac Philosophy
  • Undergraduate University Students

Delivery Formats

A variety of formats and educational devices will be used to promote understanding and creative engagement, including but not limited to: individual and small group discussions, Socratic dialogue, textual comprehension, argument analysis, and personalised constructive feedback.

What to expect?

The main objectives of the course are to:

  • Improve the ability to read philosophical texts.
  • Become familiar with the major approaches to epistemology.
  • Develop critical thinking, text interpretation, argument analysis, and argument formulation skills.

What do you need for this course?

This is a reading-intensive course. Reading assignments for each unit will be provided in advance by your tutor.

Course Delivery Schedule

 “Introduction to Epistemology” is a five-week course with four two-hour sessions per week and a summative individualised feedback session in the fifth week.

 The course schedule is as follows:

Introduction to Epistemology Delivery Schedule

Snippet from the Course

The following PODCAST contains a brief snippet from your Europe Tutorial Academy Philosophy Tutor, Emre Ebetürk, of what you will experience on this course,

Course Assessments

In addition to ongoing formative feedback, after each of the first three sessions, students will write summative assessments. After the fourth session, students will write an essay-style response paper. The details of the assignments will be discussed in class.

Individualised Feedback

Once the tutor finishes evaluating student essays, he will hold an individual feedback session with each individual student at a mutually agreed time.

Next Steps

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