Group Size
10 hours
Skill Level
500 euro

Course Description

Our On-Demand Coaching Programmes are very flexible. Each coaching programme is based on a package of ten hours of Coaching-led sessions delivered on the online whiteboard, and can last up to a maximum of THREE months. All our E.T.A. On-Demand Coaching Programmes are especially designed for individual student coaching, and are delivered from their own coaching programme page on the E.T.A. website.

Philosophy On-Demand Coaching Programme

Our Philosophy On-Demand Coaching Programme is aimed at students or adult learners who seek pre-university philosophy studies support that is not focused on a specific examination board curriculum. It is designed to offer a more holistic style of interaction, and will include techniques to guide students to better self-learn, structure, organize and manage their learning.

During the programme, students will be guided through their studies of the fundamentals of philosophy and critical thinking. With this guidance, students will be supported in developing a solid understanding of what philosophical reasoning is and how arguments are formed, analyzed, and evaluated. While the specific philosophical topics and problems of focus will be identified by individual student needs and learning goals, the coach will try to make sure that students clearly understand and spell out how different philosophical texts build their arguments. At the end of the coaching process, students will enhance their conception of philosophical problems and methods and improve their ability to cope with complex texts and clearly articulate and support their own thoughts.

Refer to the E.T.A. Coaching Process.

The only 'good learning' is that which is in advance of development.

                                                                                                                                                          Lev Vygotsky, Mind in Society, p. 89.

Formative assessment and learning philosophy

Each On-Demand Coaching Programme has a dedicated tutor-coach who co-ordinates and guides the student throughout the duration of the programme. Your Coach will also build-in frequent opportunities for you to check your own understanding and development – which will include gaining feedback from SCHEDULED formative assessments.

The following PODCAST contains tips on learning philosophy from Europe Tutorial Academy Tutor, Emre Ebetürk.

How We Will Help You

If you chose philosophy as one of your subjects, I would say this means you are bright, brave, and curious. You know the distinguishing advantages of picking philosophy as one of your subjects. And you are brave because philosophy is a challenging subject. It is easy to get lost in the complex concepts, intricate argumentation, and subtle differences. But with a little bit of guidance, your perception will soon get clearer. As an experienced philosophy instructor, I am good at figuring out what specific problems challenge my students the most. And I can teach you tricks and different approaches that can make a lot of difference in your results. In the end, you will not only be able to analyse arguments and appreciate sound reasoning. You will also train yourself as an individual thinker who articulates his or her ideas clearly and confidently.

THREE Features of our On-Demand Coaching Programmes

To promote high quality and regular interaction between student and coach, all our On-Demand Coaching Programmes come with the three features of: 

  • Interactive whiteboard
  • Private instant messaging
  • A personalized User-Portfolio
Interactive Online Whiteboard

Each student on our Coaching Programmes will be allocated a secure, dedicated online interactive whiteboard. Its features include: voice/video conferencing, screen and video sharing, record and playback of online whiteboard sessions and upload and download files to and from the whiteboard.

Private Instant Messaging

Embedded in the Whiteboard within each student’s Coaching Programme online page is a private messaging feature that enables an instant and efficient textual record of ongoing communication between student and coach. 

Personalized User-Portfolio

Each coaching student will have their own secure, cloud-based User-Portfolio progress record and databank. There is no software to install, as it is linked to the Europe Tutorial Academy website. From their User-Portfolio each student can view, manage and submit assignments, view ongoing feedback and reports from their Coach, and keep track of progress and upcoming deadlines agreed with the Coach.

Our Coaching Philosophy

The core of Europe Tutorial Academy educational philosophy is to create a learning experience for our students that successfully identifies and addresses each individual student’s needs, So all our tutoring is student-centred with a focus on empowering each student to monitor and adapt their own learning strategies. To fulfil this ambition, our tutoring philosophy is built on the three pillars of:

  • Our Holistic Principle
  • Learner-Centred Approach
  • Three Dimensions of Learning.

For more details of these three key elements please refer to Our Philosophy.

Coaching Methods

In line with our holistic principle that students perform at their best when their individual needs are diagnosed and natural thinking styles are identified, the tutoring methods across the E.T.A. coaching programme will vary, but will typically include a combination of:

  • critical reasoning
  • anchored instruction
  • concept-based learning
  • formative assessment
  • summative assessment.

Next Steps

To apply for an On-Demand Coaching place with us, just click the BOOK THIS BUTTON on the left of this page. If you need further advice, please do not hesitate to contact us.

We wish you every success. Enjoy your course!


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