Competition Winners


Winners Presentation Webinar: 23rd July 2021

       16th April - 30th June 2021.
       Students aged 16-19 years.

Poetry For Our Times

The poetry winners presentation webinar took place on the 23rd July 2021 at 6pm. This webinar was attended by:

  • Dhwanee Goyal  (1st prize winner)
  • Khalish Jiwarey  (2nd prize winner)
  • Charlie Jackson  (3rd prize winner)
  • Dr Edward Clarke  (poet and author)
  • Willow Schroeder  (ETA Creative Projects Coordinator)
  • Margarida Barroso  (ETA Tutor: Science)
  • Ian Tame  (ETA Managing Director)

Poetry will survive the Ignorance of Generations

Below is a short recording from part of the webinar. In this segment , Charlie Jackson poses the question to participants: Has poetry died in our generation? In response to this question, Dr Clarke argues that poetry will survive the ignorance of generations and Ms Schroeder advocates that to be kept alive, poetry needs to be shared.

List of Winners

Three prizes were awarded for the three poems, that in the opinion of the judging panel, most closely captured the essence of the theme "poetry for our times" and that demonstrated a poetic sophistication.


FIRST PRIZE - Dhwanee Goyal  

SECOND PRIZE - Khalish Jiwarey  

THIRD PRIZE - Charlie Jackson


      Basted Love

      On sitting on top of the water tower

      Doctor or Lawyer?

In addition, a honourable mention went to the student below for submitting an exceptional poem, but who was outside the stated age range for the competition.


       They Say

                 Basted Love

                                               by Dhwanee Goyal

                            - WINNING POEM -

Congratulations to Dhwanee (from Mumbai) for her winning poem, "Basted Love".

Hear Dhwanee read her poem

Comments from Dr Clarke

Hear Dr Clarke's insightful comments, personal reflections and technical observations about the power and structure of the poem "Basted Love".

         On sitting on top of the                  water tower

                                               by Khalish Jiwarey

                         - SECOND PLACE POEM -

Congratulations to Khalish (from Malaysia) for his second place poem, "On sitting on top of the watch tower".

Hear Khalish read his poem

Comments from Dr Clarke

Hear Dr Clarke's thoughts and observations about the compelling poem "On sitting on top of the water tower" and how it evokes 1930s American Blues Song lyrics.

         Doctor or Lawyer?

                                               by Charlie Jackson

                         - THIRD PLACE POEM -

Congratulations to Charlie (from Bishop Auckland, UK) for her third place poem, "Doctor or Lawyer?".

Hear Charlie read her poem

Comments from Dr Clarke

Hear Dr Clarke's observations and reflections about the innovative and bold opening and the effective use of imagery in this entrancing poem, "Doctor or Lawyer?"

                    They Say

                                               by Flaminia Luck


Congratulations to Flaminia (from Darlington, UK) for her honourable mention poem, "They Say".

Hear Flaminia read her poem

Comments from Dr Clarke

Hear Dr Clarke's insights and reflections about how the poem "They say" makes use of strident short lines (evocative of W. B. Yeats), figures of repetition with variation and expert handling of lineation.

Thank You

Dear Students,

I would like to extend my personal appreciation and sincere thanks to all the students who sent poems to us for our Creative Project, Poetry For Our Times competition. Here at ETA we have enjoyed reading and discussing your poems, and we sincerely hope that you continue to read poetry and to write your own poetry and to ultimately explore poetry's connection to ourselves and the world around us.

Be inspired !
Ian Tame
Managing Director
Europe Tutorial Academy GmbH