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Creative Projects Coordinator:
Willow Schroeder

Dear Parents, Students and Creative Organization Partners,

I would like to extend my personal welcome to you at this, the inauguration and launch of the Europe Tutorial Academy Creative Projects initiative.

The focus of our creative projects aligns with the ETA core philosophy of providing a holistic approach to lifelong learning whilst offering a challenging and contemporary environment to inspire students. Each creative project is aimed at a particular type of learner or student and is designed to complement a course or programme from within our own educational portfolio.

But essentially, our creative projects are an opportunity for ETA students to engage in creative initiatives with professional artists, writers, and creative industry specialists.

This could entail you writing a poem, composing a song, producing a new artwork, writing an essay, constructing an academic critique, recording a podcast, shooting a video, brainstorming an innovative solution to a problem etc, or some other form of creative expression.

Our first set of creative projects: Poetry For Our Times, A Symbol for the 21st Century and Messages to the Future are linked by a collective theme of personal reflection, exploration of thoughts and expression of feelings arising from our shared human experience living in a world that has recently undergone a profound upheaval, and for which the future is uncertain - for us all. 

So it is with great pleasure I invite you to engage with our projects. (You can submit responses to more than one project). Be creative, be inspired !  

Yours sincerely,

Willow Schroeder
Creative Projects Coordinator
E.T.A. Europe Tutorial Academy GmbH 

April 2021

E.T.A. Creative Projects

Live and upcoming collaborative Creative Projects in the Human Sciences

Messages to the Future
December 4, 2021
delayed start due to COVID
February 25, 2022
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Symbol for the 21st Century
March 1, 2022
delayed start due to COVID
June 30, 2022
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COMPLETED collaborative Creative Projects in the Human Sciences

Poetry For Our Times
April 16, 2021
June 30, 2021
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