In short about us

Not just another tutorial company ...

Founded in 2016, our general ethos is that learning should be a creative and inspirational process. And to fulfil this ambition, our Academy offers a unique combination of tutoring and enrichment programmes, our own articles, competitions and creative projects that are designed to consolidate learning and inspire pre-University and graduate students, as well as offering study retreats for adult learners.

A fundamental goal of our learning enrichment programmes and activities is to expose the students of today – who will after all be the leaders of tomorrow, to methodologies and mindsets beyond that offered in traditional European pre-university curricula. What we call the ‘E.T.A. Way’ !

Latest Articles

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Project Events

Poetry For Our Times
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Our Enrichment Programmes

Our residential enrichment workshops cover exciting but challenging topics in mathematics, business, economics, philosophy and science. We also offer interdisciplinary workshops to address specific 21st Century challenges.

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