Programme Description

Our bespoke Online Short Courses are designed for a cohort size of six to eight students. Each course has its own schedule structure in order to optimize learning, student reflection, formative assessment and instructional scaffolding opportunities. Each E.T.A. Online Short Course is taught by one tutor, or sometimes a team of tutors, with the course delivered on a dedicated, interactive whiteboard which is embedded in a secure web course page within the Europe Tutorial Academy website.

After enrolment on an E.T.A. Online Short Course, you will be sent a password to access the database dashboard for the course which contains preparatory material and timetable, course preparation instructions and advice on what you need. In some cases, you will also receive your course specific preparation-task instructions. All students who have successfully completed any of our Online Short Courses will receive a CERTIFICATE of successful course completion, and feedback with recommendations for further learning on the Course Theme(s).

Features of our Online Short Courses

The course is delivered through an interactive whiteboard (that is embedded in the course webpage). This is a very powerful platform with the following features: file sharing, session recording, breakout rooms, polling, screen sharing, pan-and-zoom,limitless pages, maths tools and symbols editor, live chat, etc.

A User Guide on how to use the main functions of the learning whiteboard is available to students on the course delivery webpage.

During the course, you will have your own, secure portfolio-database dashboard record with a link to the course delivery webpage, and a document exchange area to upload assignments and download tutor set tasks, feedback, progress reports, etc. There is no software to install. Students and parents can:  

  • view, manage, submit and download assignments through their individual student member dashboard
  • upload homework, view past assignments and tutor feedback from their dashboard
  • access the dashboard from within the Europe Tutorial Academy website
  • keep track of progress and upcoming deadlines.

Online Short Course Series

The E.T.A. Online Short Courses come in two types of Series:

  • Discovery
  • Exam Revision

Discovery Short Courses

These non-examined Discovery Short Courses are very flexible and address contemporary themes or issues or offer an upskilling opportunity in a stimulating - and sometimes challenging, online learning environment designed specifically for adult learners. Dependent on the course content, level and goals, a variety of activities will be used, including seminar, presentations, Q&A, discussion panels, simulation, “question-hour” feedback on interim assessments etc.

Who are our Discovery Short Courses for ?

Our Discovery Short Courses are for the curious adult keen to engage in some form of semi-formal learning. Be it to seek exposure to an intellectual stimulus, pursue a particular interest, or simply to spend time studying with fellow enthusiasts. The courses currently on offer in our Discovery Short Course Series in 2021/22 are:

  • Chemistry in Forensic Sciences
  • Immunity and Infectious Diseases
  • Introduction to Ethics
  • Introduction to Epistemology
  • Breaking Barriers: Creative Writing
  • Discussing Death and Dying
  • English as a Second Language for Educators

Exam Revision Short Courses

Our intensive Revision Short Courses are designed exclusively for IB Diploma and A-level pre-University students. The focus of these courses is to consolidate your learning to date, check on the effectiveness of your learning strategies, and of course to assist you with subject specific examination preparation and techniques. Each Revision Course will use a bank of past and specimen papers,together with our own question and tasks databank and calculator technique exercises (as appropriate).

Who are our Revision Short Courses for ?

Hard as it undoubtedly is; it is important that students are able to respond to summer 2021 examination disappointment with positive action, and to use the summer months to October to fully engage with and commit to, a focused and structured programme of revision. Our Revision Short Courses are for IB Diploma or A-level students preparing for their final externally assessed examinations. And because the current cohort of year 13 students was adversely affected by the severe disruption to traditional learning, our Revision Courses are especially relevant for the following candidates who are resitting final exams:

  • A-level candidates wanting to improve upon their summer 2021 exam awarded or teacher-assessed grades, by resitting exams in November 2021
  • IB Diploma candidates wanting to improve upon their summer 2021 exam awarded or “internal assessment coursework and teacher-predicted grade”, by resitting exams in November 2021.

The courses currently on offer in our Exam Revision Short Course Series in 2021/22 are:

  • IB Diploma Maths AA SL Revision
  • IB Diploma Maths AI SL Revision
  • IB Diploma Maths AA HL Revision
  • A-level Mathematics: Mechanics Revision
  • A-level Mathematics: Pure Maths Revision
  • A-level Further Mathematics: Pure Maths Revision
  • IB Diploma Physics SL Revision



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For any queries related to the ongoing impact of the coronavirus (COVID-19) on our online tutoring and coaching options, or our face-to-face enrichment workshops and residential retreats bookings, please visit our dedicated COVID-19 response page.