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Language and Literature can be described as the study of words within various (literary) contexts. Literature, however, also functions as a mechanism to highlight, challenge and criticise cultural values in society and a space for socio-political discourse. Through the study of Language and Literature, students will develop their critical and analytical skills while engaging with leading academic scholarship in the field. As a demanding post-16 discipline of study, it is regarded as an excellent preparation for students aspiring to take undergraduate degrees across all fields, with an emphasis on the humanities such as language, literature, philosophy, anthropology, psychology, sociology, gender studies among others. The Europe Tutorial Academy currently offers pre-university courses in English Language and Literature for A-level and International Baccalaureate Diploma students, as well as On-Demand Coaching and Adult Retreats under various topics including Pandemic Literatures, William Shakespeare and Modern and Post-Modern Literature.


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Language and Literature